☙ Wow, it’s been along time since my last post!

But, I’ve been very busy.

As you know, most of my blog posts center around tips for portrait photographers. Well, I do other types of photography as well. And I am also a college teacher and designer. For sure, everything I do has ties to the creative arts. This week I have found inspiration!

I’ve been watching the fine art photographer Brooke Shaden and her course on CreativeLive.com (mentioned in earlier posts).

If you don’t know about CreativeLive then you should click that link above right away and learn about this incredible resource. Free multi-day workshops by many very talented professionals. And they are in Seattle which makes them really cool in my book! (Oh, how homesick I feel).

Anyway, she has inspired me so. Brooke is such a delightful person and yet her images are so deep and emotionally provocative. She is a fine art photographer and one heck of Photoshop operator. To see her work the camera and computer is fascinating to say the least.

This workshop really got my creative juices flowing again and got me to make the time to explore. I liked how her creativity comes from an intuitive place because that’s how I used to work. And so I had a friend do some impromptu posing for me. For the first photo I had her lay down on the carpet and point one finger to the wall. I made sure the window light came from her feet to her head. And I arranged her hair and shirt to look as though she were upside down. We chose some loose fitting clothes that I could arrange it a bit easier. I then took my 60D and the 10-24mm wide angle lens and stood upon a chair to get the right angle. The water lily was from my stock shots as were the pink ‘flowerettes’. Actually, the pink flowers were from a larger field of flowers and I used the lasso to grab bunches at random and place them in a new layer. I used a PSD gallery filter to “texturize” the carpet and used Topaz Labs filter ReMask3 to “pull” her from the back ground. That is how I gave her a shadow which separated her from the wall.

Now, I like to work in layers and layer masks. This allowed great latitude in the depth of the various elements. It also allowed me to add a motion blur to the pink flowers and accentuate the separation between them and her. I might do tutorial video and post it up on YouTube. I have a retouching video up now.

Anyway, the first one is fun and whimsical.


The second is peaceful and serene. I love water lilies and the idea of combining it with clouds really excited me. Both upper and lower portions are from my collection of clouds. The lily is from a shoot at the Huntington Gardens. The upper portion was spherized and warped in PSD and colored with a golden hue by way of a curves layer. The flower stem was stretched and a ripple added to differentiate top from bottom. A gentle vignette was applied to give it a bit more intimacy.


As always,

Prepare with practice and photograph like a professional.


Victor Osaka, Photographer


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