☙ Fun with 3D Stereo images

I have a fun post today.

Stereoscopy (Parallax imaging) or Photogrammetric Parallax Imaging

You are all probably familiar with this Stereoscopy. It is a technique that’s been around since the early 1800s. I remember a great toy from Disneyland called a Viewmaster. They looked like big stumpy binoculars and had interchangeable disks with a dozen or so slides on them and when you looked into the Viewmaster you would see the images in stereo. Turn the disk and you would see the next stereo image.

What I have below are a couple of these images for you to enjoy – without a Viewmaster. This technique is a lot older than those devices from the 1800s. You’ll need to use the “crossed eyes” technique which requires you to focus in the center between the two similar images and cross your eyes. But, there is a trick to it. You’ll need to be about a foot and a half from your monitor and you will gently cross your eyes until you see a third image appear in the center between the two images. You may have to tilt your head slightly from side to side to get the alignment exact. THIS IS A KEY FACTOR TO GET THE BEST VIEW.

Now, don’t do this for too long! Your eye muscles will tire easily and if you over do it, you’ll get a headache for sure.  But, when you get it just right, it is pretty darn cool.


This first image of a mouse on a box was shot at a distance of about 12 inches and I believe it was a standard 50mm lens. Notice that the images, while similar, are not at the same angle. I took one shot and moved the camera horizontally to the right approximately 3.5 inches and took another shot. This approximates the distance between your eyes. I was also careful to keep the camera pointed at one specific point in the distance. I did not simply move the camera horizontally – I kept the center point on the buckle BEHIND the subject.

I combined them in Photoshop (any editing program should be able to do this). A couple of other details make this image work. I have a shallow depth of field, there is a dog collar in the background and it is out of focus, the lighting is directional and fairly contrasty with deep shadows. All of these details help the image work as a Photogrammetric.


This second image was made using the same technique of moving the camera horizontally approximately 3.5 inches to the right for the second shot. What makes this image work well is the tremendous distance from the foreground to the background. Just as the first image has a dog collar in the background so this image has a distant clump of tree branches in it’s “background.”

Shoot your own and post a comment with your images. There are a bunch of site devoted to this fun pursuit.

Here are a couple:



Prepare with practice and photograph like a professional.


Victor Osaka, Photographer

Be sure to check out our Fine Art & Stock Photography site: www.TrueLightDigital.com


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