☙ Just pretty pictures in today’s post!

Just pretty pictures in today’s post.

The following shot was taken at the PlayaVista Concert Park (with permissions of course). My lens was a 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM set at 105mm and fully open at f2.8. The body was a Canon 60D (crop sensor so my focal length was a calculated 168mm). I set a 580exII flash to bounce off a Sunbounce Micro Mini reflector which was mounted on a stand off to my left. You can see the catch light in her eyes indicating the position of the reflector. It was not too far from her so I set the power of the flash down to about 30% and I used the gold/silver stripe side of the reflector to compliment the warmth of the Sun.


The next pair of images also utilized the 70-200mm lens. I set the zoom lens at 200mm for the left image and 135mm for the right image. The image on the left was completely natural light – partial shade and without a reflector or flash. With the image on the right, while a bit harsh, I wanted to capture the glow of the sunset on her face through the filter of her hair. To balance the intense sunlight, I had to rely on the same bounce flash set up for the image above. It was placed on a stand to my right and this time I used the white side of the reflector to better mold the light around her cheek.


The last image utilized the 50mm f/1.4 USM lens at f1.4 (a calculated 80mm on my 60D). The sun had already past its prime and I relied on the flash/reflector combination again. I placed it just off the my right and angled slightly upwards as it sat on the ground. I felt the need to fill in her cheeks a bit more and the flash combo did the trick.

This shot required quite a bit of Photoshop as I hurried to catch what little sunlight I had left. I should have paid more attention to her clothes while I shot. But, thank God for Photoshop! Pant wrinkles and debris, shirt flaps, and people in the background were all edited out.


This was my first use of a flash. In fact, I rented it from Samy’s Camera Rentals the night before. I have to say, the combination of the Sunbounce Micro Mini and the 580exII was the right ticket. Now, I’ve used the Sunbounce many times before (it is my favorite reflector) but never with the flash extension rod and 580exII. The fact that it is hand holdable and wireless (when used with the Canon 60D) makes it a very cool tool.

Prepare with practice and photograph like a professional.


Victor Osaka, Photographer


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